What will you do with your precious creativity?
Your sacred energy?
Your days?
Your weeks?
Your time here?
Does the work you do matter?
Is it transformative?
What will be your legacy and your organisation’s legacy for future generations?
Your work?
Your purpose?
What world do you want to make?
For those starving to bring beauty into this world.
For those who will create beauty and share it with the world.
For those who refuse to give in to mediocrity, ugliness and the status quo.

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Welcome to
The Beautiful Design Project:

We are a community of designers, thinkers, creatives, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, organisers, artists and activists on an urgent mission to bring more beauty into the world by designing the designers of a more beautiful and regenerative future through the practice of business.

Alan Moore
Designer of Beautiful Business
Tim Galles
Designer of Beautiful Business
Beauty is the ultimate metric
With Marten Dresen
Founder, The Good Hotel 
(A Beautiful Business™)
London 2023

The Beautiful Business Methodology.

The Beautiful Design Project is based on the ideas and principles shared in Alan Moore’s best-selling books Do Design and Do Build, combined with our collective years spent designing purpose-led businesses, beautiful products, catalytic ideas and mentoring and teaching future “Beautiful Business designers.”

The methodology is structured in three parts:

The Reset, which give our participants a powerful new lens to see the world.

The Doing, which provides the methodologies, skills, tools and artifacts to build a beautiful business, from the inside out.

The Regenerating, which provides an ongoing community of support, learning, mentorship and development.

DO Design: Why beauty is key to everything
DO Build: How to make and lead a business the world needs
The Beautiful Design Project

World makers wanted.

If you’d like to accelerate your purpose, your mission and transform the work of your future, this is our invitation to join us.

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Beautiful Inspiration.

Living Beautifully is our monthly dispatch, personally curated by Alan Moore and designed to guide and inspire your journey towards creating a Beautiful Business.™