Are you ready to accelerate the future of your work and become a Beautiful Business Designer?

The Beautiful Business Designer

Six-Part Programme

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World Makers Wanted.

Welcome to the Beautiful Business Designer Programme designed for world makers, courageous souls already on a path to add good to the world through their work who want to accelerate their calling with a powerful framework, skills, community and partnership.

It is the biggest design brief ever.


“There is magic in what you do”

You never get to think like this. These are deep questions you have asked. I liked the way you gave me space to reflect, walk around an idea, investigate it. Rather than say this is right that is wrong. You listened and were happy to discuss.

This was never a superficial conversation: using the Beautiful Business Designer Framework allowed me to reimagine many possibilities for my business. To see a greater potential than we thought possible.

Arpit Kaushik
Co-founder & CEO, Hypha

Our work together will empower you in your future work to restore the equilibrium between our ecology, economy and the communities we serve:

Beautiful Products – create enduring products and services by resetting your practice of innovation.

Beautiful Process – create regenerative manufacturing and distribution models.

Beautiful People – design beautiful cultures and communities by resetting your way of seeing the world and inspiring others inside and outside your organisation to do the same.

Beautiful Purpose – design your beautiful ‘why’ to create your own Beautiful Business.

Beautiful Planet – become part of an intimate community of like minded designers, creating regenerative actions for our planet.

Methodology and Programme Outline

The Beautiful Business Designer Six-Part Programme is based on the ideas and principles shared in Alan Moore’s best-selling books Do Design and Do Build, combined with our collective years spent designing purpose-led businesses, beautiful products, catalytic ideas, and mentoring and teaching future ‘Beautiful Business Designers’.

Our programme is delivered in two phases,The Reset and The Doing. Each is designed to reset your thinking and provide the methodologies, skills and framework to enable you to design a beautiful business from the inside out.

We follow this work with phase three, The Regenerating. To ensure the idea is perpetual, you will gain access to mentoring, community and continued learning to support you in your practice of designing a beautiful business that will sustain you, whilst restoring the communities you serve.

The Reset

The Reset will reconnect you to the power and guiding philosophy of beauty – in all its forms. The Reset is a clearing of old ideas, myths and unhealthy paradigms. You will emerge with an entirely new way and lens to see a world made more beautiful, and the means to interrogate and activate your own purpose.

This is a highly personal journey, a deep dive that as a process will challenge you intellectually and emotionally. Your outcome, an optimistic platform to progress to the second phase of the Six-Part Programme. Our cohorts always find that an exciting place to be.

Our reset offers:

Session 01
Beauty + Nature

Tuning up to beauty. Beauty takes us out of surfaces and into the foundations of things. Beauty as our homecoming, as language, as philosophy.


Nature’s order is founded on symmetry and harmony – a beautiful deep design model at macro and micro scale – the foundation for all life. What if Nature’s deep design model shows us the way to reconnect ourselves, to each other, to rethink the true nature of: business, organisational culture, values, metrics, economy, and how to redesign business to create a regenerative world.

Session 02
Regenerative Futures

Regenerative companies are increasingly defined by their values-based worldviews: they are mission-driven firms that strive for more compassionate, responsible and ecologically restorative ways of doing business. They measure success in different ways. We have studied the most pioneering, and you get to learn how regenerative design, values and metrics are so much more effective, efficient and contributory to a better world. We know that with Regenerative Design, making money and saving the planet, can be one and the same thing. It’s the cool thing and the right thing.

Session 03
Beautiful Cultures + Generosity

Culture is the foundation of any organisation, the unique psychological coding that shapes how we engage and interact with each other, how we speak, what we talk about, how we are made to feel, and how we make decisions. It’s important because culture decides what gets done. Work-based cultures premised upon empathy, generosity and reciprocity are more likely to release the full creative potential of an organisation.

The Doing

Your mission is to redesign business to create a regenerative world. It is time to put everything into action. It is not enough to see the world anew, we must be able to bring others with us.

We all have the capacity to bring beautiful things into this world and should be unapologetic about wanting to create them, whatever they are. Beauty is what lends things their immortality and takes us beyond limitations.

You will emerge from The Doing fully activated and ready to apply your knowledge as change agents, activists and world makers.

Beauty is a verb, I Do.

You will get to design:

Guiding you towards designing a business the world needs.

Session 04

Design is not incidental to modern economies – it is integral. Design has the role of opening up new ways of thinking about our world and our environment. Everything is designed. Regenerative design is our framework, your practice. Understanding the potential of design is a key outcome.

Session 05
Designing a Beautiful Business

This is your advanced studio in which you design your Beta version of a Beautiful Business, using our methodology, framework and learning from the programme.

Session 06
Embedding as Cultural Practice

In which you create a design for transformation, including collaboration, learning, bridging strategies, and creating a lingua franca for your organisation.

The Regenerating

Our programmes are designed to create perpetual ‘communities of being’ because, ultimately, this is the science behind lasting transformation. In The Regenerating you will be joining our ongoing community of other world makers.

A Beautiful
is a circular

Ours is unlike any other learning model as it is never-ending. We are designed to bring others with us every step of the way and long into the future through perpetual learning, mentoring, sharing and community because that’s how a Beautiful Business Designer practices.


One of the core values of a Beautiful Business Designer is giving back by mentoring future designers. Each participant will be given access, resources and training to mentor future designers from around the world on the beliefs and behaviours of a Beautiful Business Designer.


Participants will be connected to their cohort beyond the duration of the programme through regularly scheduled group sessions utilising ‘regenerating’ prompts and exercises based on Do Design and Do Build.

Continued Learning

The opportunity for learning never stops. As part of the community, each participant will have early access to further learning opportunities, including workshops, presentations, projects and our certification programme.

“Do Build may be the most enlightened, concise, and extraordinary book on business ever written.”

– Paul Hawken, author, founder of Smith + Hawken, and lifelong environmental activist

Meet your instructors

Alan Moore

Co-founder | Designer of Beautiful Business

Co-Founder |  Beautiful Business Designer™ | Author | Mentor | Teacher

Alan is a designer and business innovator on a mission to help people discover how to reimagine the work of their future in a way that matters and adds beauty and regeneration to the world. He mentors teams and individuals, delivers inspirational leadership programmes, and advises organisations on how to design and build a regenerative business. He has shared his knowledge at MIT, the Sloan School of Management, INSEAD, SXSW, the Hay Literary Festival and The Do Lectures.

Tim Galles

Co-founder | Designer of Beautiful Business

Co-Founder |  Beautiful Business Designer™ | Author | Mentor | Teacher

Tim is a designer, strategist, creative director, mentor and teacher and author of Scratch: how to build a potent modern brand from the inside out. He has spent his career helping businesses, teams,creative thinkers and future designers see their holistic potential, inside and out, and act accordingly. He is driven by the question, to what end? and works with individuals to define the purpose and mission of their work. He has shared his process and ideas with The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business, Sustainable Brands, Advertising Week/NYC, Boston University, Berghs School of Communication/Stockholm, The University of Kansas and served on the board of the progressive education company, Big Picture Learning.

Alice Katter

Culture + Community

Alice is an optimistic Culture and Community Strategist with a background in Psychology (MA), fascinated in understanding how people form stronger bonds and flourish through the principles of play and exploration. With a community-centred approach, she designs strategies and programmes to empower organisations in catalysing workplace wellbeing.

Philippa Cross


Philippa leads Marshall Sustainability. 

She has her Master’s in Sustainability Leadership from Cambridge and is co-author of The Purpose Advantage 2.0- How to Unlock New Ways of Doing Business. She helps businesses find their purpose and ignite their culture to drive sustainable business, from GHG emissions data, to creating roadmaps to a Net-Zero future, to aligning and engaging employees behind the vision.

Phillippa Rose

Learning Design

Phillippa Rose has specialised in service design & innovation for over 15 years, enabling human-centred and purpose led approaches to today’s business challenges through research, strategy training and coaching. Phillippa is a leading voice in service design.

Johnnie Moore


Johnnie is a facilitator and coach, and is the author of Unhurried, a manifesto for bringing more creativity and humanity to working relationships. He has taught at Oxford and Cambridge Universities as well as working with individuals and organisations.

Are you ready to accelerate the future of your work and become a Beautiful Business Designer?

Programme Details










3 PM (GMT) (M, W or F)


£3,000 (US $3,500)


How do I purchase the programme?

You can purchase the programme online. All payments are processed via the PayPal checkout where you will be offered a range of local payment options. We encourage you to review PayPal privacy policies.


If you prefer to pay by bank transfer via an invoice, or wish to book two or more places together, please contact us we will be happy to assist you.

How is the progamme delivered?

The programme is virtual with cohorts of 5–8 people as we take a Socratic approach to personal learning and group transformation that leads to becoming a Beautiful Business Designer.


Each participant starts with an individual discovery session during a 30-minute call with one of our founders.


The entire programme duration is 12 weeks, consisting of six sessions. Each of the two week sessions includes a 2-hour class designed to take place on the same day, at the same designated time. This not only keeps the group at an energising pace, it allows for the necessary time to digest and reflect on materials for each of the sessions.


In advance of each class, participants can expect to spend 6–8 hours on substantial personal development work that includes required reading materials, audio-visual content, plus questions and exercises as preparation. These materials are not included in the programme fee and will cost in the region of £125 / US$150.


You will complete the programme with a personal session with our founders, delivery of your certificate of completion and steps for your ongoing cohort community.

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The Beautiful Business Designer Six-Part Programme is designed for world makers, courageous souls already on a path to add good to the world through their work who want to accelerate their calling with a powerful framework, skills, community and partnership.