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Beauty-centred design

Our methodology is based on the ideas and principles shared in the best-selling books Do Design and Do Build, as well as deep, ongoing research on thriving communities and how change really happens, combined with our collective years spent designing purpose-led businesses, beautiful products, catalytic ideas, and mentoring and teaching the Beautiful Business Designers of the future.

Guided by our foundational ideas + principles our work is structured into three phases:

The Reset

Will reconnect you to the power and guiding philosophy of beauty – in all its forms. The Reset is a clearing of old ideas, myths and unhealthy paradigms. You will emerge with an entirely new way and lens to see a world made more beautiful, and the means to interrogate and activate your own mattering.

The Doing

Provides the methodologies, skills and framework to design and build a beautiful business from the inside out. Your mission is to redesign business to create a regenerative world. It is time to put everything into action. It is not enough to see the world anew, we must be able to bring others with us.

The Regenerating

Our work is designed to create perpetual ‘communities of being’ because, ultimately, this is the science behind lasting transformation. In The Regenerating you will be joining our ongoing community of other world makers and future world makers.

The Beautiful Business Designers™

We are a community of designers, thinkers, creatives, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, organisers, artists and activists on a mission to bring more beauty into the world by designing the designers of a more beautiful and regenerative future through the practice of business.

The Beautiful Business Designer Manifesto

The Beautiful Business Designer is committed to being an urgent agent of change, transformation, inspiration and regeneration, using their sacred creativity to build a more regenerative future by making business more beautiful, soulful and purpose-driven, creating a cascade of benefits for people, communities, the planet, and the business.

The Beautiful Business Designer is not a noun, but a verb, acting on the belief that to be the change you seek in the world you must design the change—first, by caring for all forms of life; second, by deepening the interconnectedness of whole systems and, third, by creating a powerful sphere of influence that inspires more and more Beautiful Business Designers. 

You are a first responder and role model of craft, thoughtfulness and agency, with a philosophy that reimagines values and redefines success, restoring the equilibrium between our economy, ecology, and community.

Going beyond human- or life-centred design, you practise beauty-centred design putting your creativity at the heart of humanity’s greatest responsibility and possibility. It’s a call for the courageous, the hands-on optimist, the pragmatic dreamer with eyes wide open, envisioning and making a world where all life can thrive.

Beauty is the ultimate metric.

The way of the beautiful business designer

20 Beautiful Questions to Ask of Any Project:

What you bring into this world is up to you. Even the minutest detail of good design can touch all our lives ––  and good design is central to what we bring into our world. As you play your role in building a more beautiful business and world, we suggest asking yourselves these questions in order to fill our world with optimism. (try adding a few of your own)

  1. Does it matter?
  2. Is it transformative?
  3. Is it regenerative?
  4. Is it useful?
  5. Can you create a joyful experience?
  6. Is what you are creating elegant?
  7. Are you making a thing of quality?
  8. How will language we use define us?
  9. Is it be truthful?
  10. Does it feel inevitable?
  11. Would you want sell these products or services to or share your idea with friends and family?
  12. Will you enjoy the process?
  13. How will you start with optimism?
  14. How will you find good people?
  15. How will you create working cultures made from generosity?
  16. How will you develop your own personal practice of beauty?
  17. How will you learn to enhance your own creative practice?
  18. How will you combine the heart of a poet and the mind of an engineer?
  19. How will you seek to create enduring beauty in this world inspiring others to do the same?
  20. How will you create legacy?